About Us

The Kerala DInesh Beedi Workers' Central Co-op Society, One among the largest industrial co-operative societies in india, is established in 1969. Dinesh Information Technology Systems (DITS) is the IT Unit of KDWBWCCS, started in 1999 with the support of Govt. of Kerala

Data Centre

Secure- Powerful- Robust- Stable- Affordable 2014 May, Dits started Data centre solutions for Co-operative banks with the latest and advanced technologies.World class technical ecosystem, high productivity model, well streamlined operations and availability of redundant resources allow us to offer you the best output at the most reasonable rates without compromising with the quality.

PACSCORE- Core Banking Solutions

SIMPLE: STABLE: SECURE: ROBUST: AFFORDABLE PacsCore is an integrated Core banking solution for the entire processing of financial transactions in banking using all channels of distribution. PacsCore core banking software for co-operative banks successfully launched on August 2007 with a blend of all new generation banking facilities like ATM banking, mobile phone banking ,Internet banking etc

El Vendedor (Inventory software)

El Vendedor provides a rich compliment of functionality for managing your inventory and optimizing the use of your Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).


PALMS - a comprehensive Co-operative Payroll and Leave Management System. The Payroll

ERP Projects

Selecting Our software as your ERP solution means selecting software that is technologically advanced,yet simple to use.Our Solution offers a broad spectrum of functions ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service companies.

  • Kerala Dinesh Beedi Office management System

An Office Managemant System which is developed for "Kerala Dinesh Beedi", a co-operative firm, which has different units and branches. The software helps them to maintain their daily accounts and transactions. It deals with the purchase of raw materials,daily usage of the raw materials, production and sales. It also keeps the track of the movements of goods between different branches and units. It helps them to get different detailed reports in branch wise and unit. It also provides different consolidated reports.

  • Bazaar

An Inventory software which is done for various Super markets which is under taken by various co-operative banks. It helps them to keep the track of their purchases and sales and provides detailed well-formatted reports for their stock, purchase, sales etc.

  • Mediware

An Inventory software which is done for various co-operative medical shops. It is a complete solution for the medical shops which is under taken by various co-operative banks. It provides detailed well-formatted reports.

  • Stock Management System

An Inventory software done for a store to help them to keep track of their Goods receipt and issue. It provides detailed well-formatted reports regarding the stock.

  • Hanstore

An Inventory Management Software for HANVEEV regional Stores. It helps them to keep the track of their purchase and sales and provides detailed well-formatted reports for their stock, purchase, sales etc..

  • Payroll And Leave Management System(PALMS)

Payroll in minutes,not days.Packed with features and dozens of useful reports at the click of a button.It is a high performance,graphical,rule based system designed to www.ok-replicak.com keep pace with the changing needs of your organization.Our Payroll Software PALMS will improve organizational productivity by eliminating the complex and time consuming tasks associated with payroll calculations and enable business to focus one their core activities.

Core Banking

With the endless onslaught of changes and challenges that your bank faces,adopting the right vision,startegy and tactics is more important to your business today.We have Skilled Professionals to meet our clients needs.


With a single centralized enterprise foundation for your business,PACSCORE assures consistent and real-time updated information,giving you a complete view of your operation,risks and profitability.No more data silos,no more ambiguities.SMS banking services provides instant notification about your transaction as and when it happens.It helps you to keep a watch on your account with a round the clock service.Now with SMS Banking Service,you are always in a position to detect unauthorised access to your account.Additionally, It also helps you to know your balances and mini statements instant by just sending an SMS.We believe in creating better opportunities for our customers, business associates and employees.

Banking Software

We are the pioneers in providing e-banking solutions for Co-operative banks in the Malabar area.Our application packages is running in more than 300 branches of various Co-operative banks in Kannur and Kasaragod districts.

  • ALPM

A banking software module for North Malabar Gramin Bank. It is implemented in NMGB's 146 branches.


A banking software which is used by almost all Co-operative banks in Kannur District. Now the software is capable of dealing multi branches and the support is mainly for higher level statements like R & D and balance sheet. The software is still being developed for adding additional features of remote banking facility. ' PACSWARE ' has more than 160 installations in various Co-Operative banks.